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About Us - Come and See!


At the beginning of His ministry, Jesus found a man named Phillip and simply said to him, "Follow Me." Phillip followed Jesus, but he didn't stop there. He had to go tell someone else. The Bible says that he went and found his friend Nathanael and said, "We've found Him! The Messiah we've been promised is here - Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph."


Nathanael was a very devout man; he lived his life praying for the Promised One, but he was not excited about Phillip's news. "Nazareth?!" asked Nathanael; "Can anything good come out of that town?" Nazareth was the last place a faithful man like Nathanael expected to find the Promised Savior of the world.


I love Phillip's response. He simply invited his friend to experience Jesus for himself with a few simple words, "Come and see." Shortly after this, Nathanael's life is changed by Jesus.


At BMBC we desire to proclaim the power Jesus has to save us from the guilt and punishment of sin, to live a life of freedom and victory, and to worship our great God. 


So what's going on at BMBC? Come and See!

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