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GROW Day 1 - Luke 2:41-52

Greetings church! This week my blog post will focus on Day 1 of the GROW plan. I hope you were encouraged by reading Luke 2:41-52 multiple times this week. What big ideas, themes, or repeated words did you notice?

Here is my list:

Repeated words were: Parents(father/mother), Jesus, Jerusalem, seeking/finding, amazed/astonished.

Big ideas/themes were:

· Mary and Joseph looking for Jesus vs. 43-46

· Jesus listening to the temple teachers, asking questions, and astonishing them with His understanding and answers vs. 46-47

· Jesus identifying with His Heavenly Father’s mission – “Did you not know that I would be about My Father’s business (house/affairs)?” vs. 48-50

· Jesus returning with Mary and Joseph, submitting to their parental authority, and growing in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. vs. 51-52

God’s Kingdom “business” was Jesus’ priority, and it should be a priority for all followers of Jesus Christ. When I think about the “big idea” of this passage, I see Mary and Joseph being reminded of the unique nature of Jesus (100% God, 100% Human) and the rescue mission for which Jesus Christ has been sent. 10 years of “normal” life in Nazareth may have caused them to forget the purpose for why Christ was born. Jesus was not their child. Jesus was the Son of God, born to be our sufficient sacrifice on the cross to pay for the grossness of our sins. Jesus’ business was to declare the Kingdom of God, call people to repentance, teach them about the Father and what God expects from us, and be God’s suffering servant for our sins.

Heavenly Father, please help me keep your priorities as my priorities. Grow me in your Word as I listen and learn from your teachings. Help me to submit to Your authority in my life and reflect that as I submit to the earthly authorities you have established for me. Grow me in your wisdom and favor, so I can share the “Good News” of your rescue mission and coming Kingdom with others.

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