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BMBC Worship Ministry


Mission Statement:  To bless God, and to bless the people


Vision Statement: 

  • To praise, extol, exalt, and honor our Lord God; to tell of His wondrous works

  • To lift up His Son, the Lord Jesus, our Savior

  • To entreat the Holy Spirit to move among us and in us

  • To communicate the message of the Word​

  • To prepare all hearts (break up the ground) to receive the seed of the Word in the preaching


Songs can

  • Praise God

  • Cry out to God for help

  • Teach us doctrine and Bible knowledge

  • Help us to know God

  • Motivate us

  • Express our faith

  • Express our joy

  • Express our grief or pain

  • Express our thanks

  • Express our love for God

  • Share a testimony

  • Invite us

  • Comfort us

Join us!

Choir practice is on Wednesdays at 6:45pm.  For more information, please contact Choir Leader Debbie Metcalf at 256-498-2763 or



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